We’re glad you’re here. Avenu Realty Group is uniquely equipped to enable you to achieve your real estate objectives in Downtown San Diego and the greater San Diego Area – whether you’re buying or selling. Our professionals were part of the original sales team at ICON, one of the leading developments in this part of the city. That means we understand the market. We’re familiar with the neighborhoods. And we know the word on the street. In fact, that’s where our office is: in the heart of Downtown on the street level of ICON.

Browse our current featured listings and you’ll find a full selection of ICON’s finest offerings. You’re getting more than four walls and a ceiling – we list only premier opportunities that offer genuine value for our buyers and fair returns for our sellers.


Browse our current featured listings and you’ll find a full selection of ICON SAN DIEGO’S finest offereings. Your NU Way Home

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Avenu Realty Group
1060 K. ST. SAN DIEGO, CA 92101
Ground floor of the ICON Building

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Located on the ground floor of the ICON Building